Supertraining In Solitude

Because we can't hold a Supertraining event, it only make sense to bring athletes together in isolation...paradox, I know, I know... let me explain.

So, it's 2020 and you've got all the fitness and nowhere to prove it. COVID-19 is spreading faster than anyone imagined and the entire event calendar has been canceled for the foreseeable future.

Further, US health care workers have a shortage of surgical masks and other Personal Protective Gear to care for the sickest patients, our friends & family.

Orucase and I have partnered to donate surgical masks.

A small donation per event will give you freedom to race your buds, albeit in solo efforts (promise!). Routes will be diverse - short (yes, even super short for the fast-twitchers), medium, hilly, long, etc... and will utilize right hand turns as much as possible for safety.

When riding solo, aero is everything. Yield to traffic always. This effort is for the benefit of humanity, after all. Right turns for a reason : )

A) First, you'll need to be a member of the SIS Strava Club. Because it's Private, please request to join - I'll accept requests as quickly as I can.

Email with Strava handle if you have trouble.

B) Routes will be posted weekly but must be accomplished within the specified timelin (Saturdays to be targeted, but Pilot will run all weekend). There are too many variables like wind and other weather to give folks a whole week, sorry tailwind-chasers!

C) $ Prizes per event & Overall will be pulled based on total participant numbers. Pilot will not count toward Overall.

D) Majority of $ raised will go toward mask making efforts for health care professionals.

E) Series runs til it can't.

F) Enter the SIS games here.


SIS Pilot can be completed between 3.28-3.29.20

April dates released based on adjustment needed after Pilot.