SIS - Supertraining Isolation Series

SIS Overview

Because we can't hold a Supertraining event, it only make sense to bring athletes together in isolation...paradox, I know, I know... let me explain.

So, it's 2020 and you've got all the fitness and nowhere to prove it. COVID-19 is spreading faster than anyone imagined and the entire event calendar has been canceled for the foreseeable future.

Further, US health care workers have a shortage of surgical masks and other Personal Protective Gear to care for the sickest patients, our friends & family.

Orucase and I have partnered to donate surgical masks.

A small donation per event will give you freedom to race your buds, albeit in solo efforts (promise!). Routes are diverse - short (yes, even super short for the fast-twitchers), medium, hilly, long, etc... and will utilize right hand turns as much as possible for safety.

When riding solo, aero is everything. Yield to traffic always. This effort is for the benefit of humanity, after all. Right turns (mostly) for a reason : )

Procedures & Agreement (must read):

A) First, you'll need to be a member of the SIS Strava Club. Because it's Private, please request to join - I'll accept requests as quickly as I can.

Email with Strava handle if you have trouble.

B) Routes will be posted weekly but must be accomplished within the specified timeline (Saturdays)). There are too many variables like wind and other weather to give folks a whole week, sorry tailwind-chasers!

C) Prizes available for the each Stage & Series Overall (see below)

D) Majority of $ raised will go toward mask making efforts for health care professionals.

E) Series runs 4.1-4.30.2020. Events must be completed on the corresponding Saturday of the Stage. Eg: 4.1 must be completed on the 1st Saturday of April. 4.2 must be completed on the second Saturday of April.

F) Safety first. Road rules apply. Don't fret! You can use your GPS-connected device with "auto-stop," allowing you to stop if you need and your Garmin will also stop!

G) Follow @project.supertraining on Instagram for the most current updates.

Read on for Series & Stage Info.



You can enter all SIS Stages at a discounted rate by signing up for the Series. Individual "Stage" events listed below.

10 Surgical masks will be donated to health care workers in need per Single Stage event entry.

40 Surgical masks will be donated to health care workers in need per Series event entry.


First, this Series was created to pair a philanthropic effort with your desire to train hard. With Supertraining, we can get masks to our health care workers that need them most in this time of crisis.

If the philanthropic incentive isn't enough, Supertraining will contribute the following:


Stage Win: 6-Pack Vafels

Series Win: 13-Pack Vafels + Supertraining Socks + 1 box Bobo's bars


This works like an Omnium, not by cumulative time. Your place within your gender = your points. Your goal is to earn the fewest points possible, like FIS ski racing, I guess.

Eg: 1st place gets 1pt; 5th Place gets 5 pts. Minimize your points, ride fast! I'll add up points over a pot of coffee on May 1 and slide into your DMs.



Route: 41km effort with some elevation gain finishing on Rabbit Mtn. This route goes "clockwise" where the only left you'll have to take is from Woodland onto 83rd. If you need to stop there, your Garmin's auto-pause will do the trick : )


Route: Broadway --> Deer Trail Hillclimb.


Route: Doubles! 4.3s1 & 4.3s2 offer the most powerful riders a chance to shine. Neuromuscular and Anaerobic skill will see the top of the podium - watch out for crit-lifers today!

4.3s1 is a 500m effort for you to test your neuromuscular sub 1' abilities and see how you stack up against your friends.


4.3s2 is a 2,000m effort to test your sub 3' power.


Route: In Construction

TBD: A longer event ~100km on hilly terrain - possibly a bit of dirt ; ) No TT / Tri nerd bikes allowed